About Us

My name is Kevin and I got the Pickleball bug when I moved to Wales in 2018 where I joined Cwmbran Pickle Club who taught me the basics of the game. From there I joined Blaenau Gwent Pickleball Club and played at various clubs in Wales and Bristol along with attending tournaments and ladder leagues. We started the Dragon Ladder League back in October 2021 which is now the biggest league event in Wales.

During my Pickleball journey I have met a lot of wonderful people and formed some very good friendships and even my wife loves playing the game.

As Pickleball grows there are more clubs forming and events happening all of the time with each one having their own personal identitiy. I created this store to help clubs and event organisers form their identitiy by offering a simple solution to help them promote their clubs and events by offering good quality but affordable apparel items.